Charity Tournaments

Once a month, we will host a special tournament for charitable causes. 50% of the money made from these tournaments will go to the charity organization, Get Well Gamers!

Cash Prize Gaming Tournaments

For gamers, it's a rare treat to see a material reward for what you put into your passion for gaming. At Immersive Gaming, we will have a monthly gaming tournament with amazing prizes for 1st - 3rd place. Our guests will have a chance to vote on a game for upcoming tournaments and registration will be available on our website or at the lounge.

The Latest Technology

Immersive Gaming's mission statement is to be the ultimate destination for luxury social and competitive gaming. In order to achieve this, we realize the importance of being stocked with the latest and greatest gadgets of the gaming world. We will be equipped with the greatest gaming accessories and equipment, including virtual reality gear.

Consoles for Compassion Day

Once a year, we will dedicate one day's profits--100% of them--to a charitable cause!

Open Gaming

We will have console stations set up where gamers can pay per-hour to play on their own accounts using our consoles.

Lock-In Events

Almost every gamer is familiar with the epic experience of telling your pillow "no thanks" and dedicating an entire night to gaming. At Immersive Gaming, we will be hosting a monthly lock-in event where you can do exactly that--with friends and other gamers in the area!

Having had our fair share of overnights, we understand that, even though exciting and fun, these nights can be quite exhausting. We will be providing concessions so that you and your friends can keep yourselves fueled during these intense overnight events.

Inventory Donations

Rather than selling our old stock of outdated games and consoles, we will donate them to Get Well Gamers for charitable use. Our guests also have the option to donate their old games to this cause through Immersive Gaming!


Charitable Services

Immersive Gaming

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Theater Room & Screening Events

Every gamer reaches a point where they need to take a break from gaming. For that, we will have a theater room with a projector where people can sit down, relax, and put on some Netflix or Hulu. This room is also perfect for parents and relatives, friends, or anyone who comes along that isn't big on gaming.

We will also host screening events from this room where our guests can vote on a movie to be shown ahead of time.

Volunteering Events

Twice a year, we will host volunteering events. Throughout the year, our guests will have the opportunity to sign up. These events will include efforts toward supporting various causes, such as Adopt a Highway, Feed My Starving Children, etc.